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    Crisp and clear photos (2000 SR-1)

    How do you ensure that photos are crisp and clear in Publisher, especially the printed result? I haven't figured out if I get better results from TIFFs or JPGs, but most of my photos look better on the screen than they do when printed. I have a decent printer, and I'm using "Best" mode to print. I tweak the photos the best I can in Photoshop, and they look fine until I print them from Publisher. Any ideas?

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    Re: Crisp and clear photos (2000 SR-1)

    I use Publisher for all my photo print outs. I keep my photos in jpeg format. The problem might be that your monitor and your printer are not in sync. You might want to get a photo and scan it, compare the photo to what is displayed on your monitor. If the colors are different you need to change your monitor. Also what type of paper are you using. A photo on regular paper will not photo quality. you should use the photo papers and tell you printer the type your using (high gloss, matte, etc.)

    Black and white photos however will come out bluish. Will post a site I heard about last night at my Photography Club's meeting that tells how to get a true B&W photo print using Photo shop as soon as I can find the site.
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