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    Applying Template to Document (Word-2000)

    OK, I'll admit up-front that I'm not sure I've identified the issue correctly in the subject. That's because I'm not sure I understand (completely) how MS uses the terms "formatting", "style", and "template". I've tried the usual "Help" entries, and searched this forum, but here goes...

    Have a (shell) document with a variety of styles applied to various portions, e.g. "Heading 1", "body text", "normal", "Heading 2", "TOC 1", etc.
    Each of these "styles" within the document have specific font, size, and even color attributes.
    In addition, there is specific formatting (including a "ghost", page-width, colored underline) applied in the headers.

    Have a SIMILAR, but NOT exactly-the-same-format, document that contains several (dozens of) pages of useful text.

    Want to cut-n-paste the useful portions of Document 2 into Document 1, AND apply the correct (Document 1 - type) formatting.

    What I am getting is the right "words", but wrong "style". In fact, even after applying the Format Painter from a "correct" paragraph to one that was pasted in, the pasted paragraph stubbornly remains in the "wrong" (but its original) font, size, and color!

    Any and all help would be appreciated.


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    Re: Applying Template to Document (Word-2000)

    Hi Sheldon:
    The rules regarding styles when it comes to cut 'n paste are:
    1. Text copied with a paragraph mark copies all paragraph, character, and style formatting.
    2. Text copied without a paragraph mark copies only Character formatting.
    3. Text adopts the format of the target document's style if the incoming style name is already used in the document.
    4. Text resets the style in the target document if the incoming style has not been used. i.e. the formatting of the source document is used.
    5. Incoming direct character formatting overrides style character formatting.
    6. Headings 1, 2 and 3 are always "used", since they and Normal style automatically exist in any document created.

    Now, having said that, you need to look at your style names. If both are the same, then copy & paste will work as you want. If not, you can copy & then Edit/Paste Special/Unformatted text. The text will be pasted in the same style as the paragraph in which you paste. You can paste it into the normal style, if you want, & then apply the correct style from Document 1.
    Hope this helps,

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