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    Shortcut Icons (SP1)

    When I create an Internet shortcut on my desktop, it has a nice descriptive icon (for example, a big Y for Yahoo). After a while, it changes to an Internet Explorer icon. Is there any way to keep my icons from changing?

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    Re: Shortcut Icons (SP1)

    Yes there is. There are many fine 3rd party icon harvesters/squeezers if you do a search for icons in Software Finds or the Lounge in general. One basic principle is that there are well over 1000 icons available to you free with Windows XP to replace that boring "e". You have to right click the shortcut or folder icon>Customize if a Folder rather than Shortcut>Properties and then use the dialogue boxes>Browse>System 32 Folder has many icons behind those .dll files>Also Go Up to the top>Look In and you can select drives and folders. You can also just drag icons from your Temporary Internet Files Folder by Viewing from the IE toolbar Options>Settings View Files>Change Name>Tuck Into a folder you designate. Note that all your download programs often have many folders for icons for example C:ProgramsPhotoshop or C:Windows or C:ZipFilesWhatever Program. Even hidden file folders can yield interesting icons. You're going to kiss some frogs for example on the System 32 .dlls, but native to Windows XP and other flavors you'll find staches of interesting icons like moricons.dll, hticons.dll, pifmgr.dll:

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    If you have any specific questions after this, please ask.



    [i]Ed. by SMBP: I checked on this specific favicon and Yahoo has changed its availability. This is what I call a "quirky favicon." With many favicons, you just add "favicon.ico" to the base url which would be and drag the favicon from the white box or temporary internet files, you must change its name, and then save it in a folder or it'll be gone when TIFs are cleared or if you reboot regardless if you have your Advanced options set to clear TIFs on reboot. With these and Yahoo right now, you will get a shortcut if you just do the above. To get the "red Y" you have to 1) Save it as a favorite first 2) Go to Temporary Internet Files and Drag it to the desktop 3) and then do the step to change name/save in folder. This Thread on How different browsers treat favicons will help. See SS:

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