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Thread: Page borders

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    Page borders

    Whenever I try to insert a page border on my document, the bottom line is missing. I have tried and checked everyting but whenever I check the print preview, the bottom line is missing

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    Re: Page borders

    Hi Vel,

    I suspect that you are using an inkjet printer and are running into a problem with the unprintable area.

    Typically an inkjet has an unprintable bottom edge of about .70". See: <A target="_blank" HREF=></A> for more information on this.

    To correct your problem, in Format/Borders and Shading on the Page Border tab click the Options button at the bottom. Change "Measure from" to Text instead of Edge of Page. The distance between the page border and text is determined by the Margin settings in the Borders and Shading Options dialog box.

    Also, you may need to go to File/Page Setup and adjust the Margins there as well.

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