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    Multiple Find in Word (2003)

    I am looking for a tool that allows me to find ALL occurences of a "find" request, and display them in some sort of "tiled" fashion.

    It is far too tedious to "find" things in Word by going from one occurence to the next one at a time (even with the"Find All" function).


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    Re: Multiple Find in Word (2003)

    Wow, I never noticed the Find All in Word 2002. Useful!

    I'm not aware of any search add-ins at all, but perhaps it wouldn't be too difficult to build... What do you mean by a "tiled fashion"? You can split the screen to display two areas of a document, but at least as of Word 2002, two areas is all you can show for a single document.

    One approach that might be interesting is to build a second document listing the hits in context with a link back to the main document:

    ... okay, an hour later... check out the attached procedure ListFindHitsInContext() as a starter for that approach.
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