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    Outlook Toolbar (Outlook 2000 SP3)

    I use the "advanced" toolbar in Outlook, but find it "disappears" and switches to the "standard one" all of the time, missing such buttons as the empty trash, junk mail, etc. Is there any way I can set this so that it remains at the advanced level?

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    Re: Outlook Toolbar (Outlook 2000 SP3)

    I've since switched to Outlook 2002, but i thought there were two separate toolbars, a longer one named Standard and a shorter one named Advanced, and that you could show either or both at any given time. This setting should stick between sessions but, if you find that it doesn't, it's possible that your outcmd.dat file has become corrupted. If you drill down to:

    Cocuments and SettingsYour UsernameApplication DataMicrosoftOutlook

    you could rename it, restart Outlook, and see if its memory improves.

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