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    Win2K SP3 blocks Word 2000

    I neded to use Above Acrobat 6.0. My system was a Win2K SP1. I was advised to install at least SP2 and 3 before Acrobat 6 would work. A few days after doing this -- and having Acrobat work perfectly -- I found that Word would open but would close immediately with the message that WinWord.exe had generated errors and would be closed. Before I uninstall SP3, maybe someone can give me advice on why this is happening and if there is something else I can do. It's not critical that I get Word running this week (we're a WP shop), but I would like to fix this problem soon.

    Thanks (first post).

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    Re: Win2K SP3 blocks Word 2000

    First, I'd install Win2k Sp-4. And then at a minimum all the critical patches from Windows Update. You may want to selectively install other recommended patches. Then what Service release/pack is Office 2k? You need to have at least Office 2k Sr1 + service pack 3. Then use Office update to apply other patches. I seem to recall some error like this but I can't remember the resolution. I'll check around at work Monday and post back if I find anything.


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