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    Publish with Word (Access/Word 2000)

    When I move data from a report in Access to Word via the office links some of the labels on sub-reports are duplicated. That is, on the report I have a field labeled Home but on the Word Document it is labeled HomeHome. Other sub-reports are coming through just fine.
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    Re: Publish with Word (Access/Word 2000)

    A couple of possibilities come to mind. One is that you may actually have two labels on the subreport, one on top of the other. When you print that in Access, it hides the bottom one, but when it gets converted to RTF format so Word can open it, the RTF conversion process displays both, one after the other. The other possibility is that there is a slight overlap between the size of the subreport and the control which contains the subreport, and the conversion process tries to compensate for that, but ends up duplicating the label.

    The conversion to RTF is always dicey, as you can't include graphics, and positioning of character strings is approximate at best. If you really want to create reports in Word that cleanly represent Access data, you should consider using Automation to create the Word document, starting with a partially complete template if you can. We have a brief tutorial and some reference links on our website.

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