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Thread: Mystery (2000)

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    Mystery (2000)

    I have a mystery I am hoping someone else has experienced and solved.

    I have been running the frmCalendar and basCalendar from "Access 2000 Developer's Handbook" in concert with a command button on forms to set a date in a text box. I have been using this technique for several years. Recently the code started to hang up at:
    Private Function LoadedAsSubForm()
    Dim strName As String
    On Error Resume Next
    ' This action will trigger a runtime
    ' error if the form isn't loaded as a subform.
    strName = Me.Parent.Name
    LoadedAsSubForm = (Err.Number = 0)
    End Function

    Specifically "strName=Me.Parent.Name causes the error message from Visual Basic "Runtime error 2452" "The expression you entered has an invalid refrence to the Parent property"
    This only happens on my PC and the PC I connect to as my dB Server. The end users do not experience the error but I do.
    The files that use this code are on a shared drive, Other PCs in my house(not LAN connected) also have no problem with this code.
    I have tried the following:
    (1) Run the MS Office Repair Utility. It helped once for about 5 minutes.
    (2) Uninstalled every application that interacts with access especially the FMS Ultimate Suite even down to unloading VB6 itself.
    (3) Uninstalling MS Office, rebooting after unplugging the system at shut down. Running the Registry First Aide App and rebooting with unplug stage. Then reinstalling Office.
    Nothing seems to work. The error comes right back. I have attached a sample of the forms and module.
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    Re: Mystery (2000)

    Mysterious things like this often result from a rouge piece of software being installed on top of an Office install. There was a problem with some of the early Office XP apps being installed - in particular Visio 2002 would clobber some of the VBA dlls. I believe that the latest Service Pack for Office 2k fixes that problem - you might check and make sure you have SP3 installed (as well as SR1A). You may also have a broken reference to the calendar control. Let us know what you find (or what you don't).

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