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    Netmeeting ILS Servers

    Running I.E.6 sp1,netmeeting 3.0.1 and MsnMessenger 6.1.(Put netmeeting3.0.1 back into hard drive,had harddrive failure a month ago,by using Run>conf.exe).Already had Msn Messenger,the new one operating fine.
    Here's the question,with Netmeeting up and running,>Call>Directory should open the "Microsoft Internet Directory."It does not .Instead I get this window,(See Attachment).
    I'm used to using someone like "ILS" where after selecting the directory you want in "Directory" in Options,you would log on to the ILS directory of your choice.It used to be free.
    Other question:Are there any free ILS directories usable with Netmeeting any more?
    Why doesn't directory open after clicking on Call>Directory in Netmeeting 3.0.1??
    Thanks for any help you can provide,Regards,
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