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    Installing W2K over ME

    In short, is this a problem? I recently had to do this to a Sony laptop for some consulting work I'm doing and it appears to have caused some instability. In particular, every now and then Windows seems to feel ignored and seems that it must restart itself, but it hangs up when doing so and I have to disconnect the battery to get things going again. I don't care to do this, obviously... is there something the matter here? Do I need to talk to Microsoft and see if they can sort it out? (I've actually had pretty good luck with them helping out on other issues)


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    Re: Installing W2K over ME

    IT consultants have told us the early generation VAIO notebooks wasn't built for business use and were generally flaky. That could be a factor. I don't use Win2K (yet), but previously had a problem with spontaneous restarts in Win98. (Screen freeze, then a split second later, POST message.) It was cured when I dumped my USB mouse and switched back to a PS/2 mouse.

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    Re: Installing W2K over ME

    You should contact Sony, their addins are for the OS that is shipped with the machine. You will find that for some of the (Sony) machines there is all kinds of information on the 2000 OS. I have a FX 150 (Me) and there is a FX 150K ( 2000) machine also made. the only difference is the OS and the supporting addins from Sony. This has been a problem with MOST laptops, the addins are designed to work with the shipped OS. If one is going to upgrade their lap top OS they should get the new OS from their laptop source, and NOT use a retail upgrade.

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