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    tab control content indicator? (2002)

    My book database has a section at the bottom of the data entry form that contains several Tab Control Pages. Some of these Tab Control Pages have sub forms on them. Currently there is no way to know if content has been added to the sub forms without clicking on the related tab.

    Is there anyway to indicate that a non-visible tab control page has content? Can the "look" of the tab be made to change if there is content e.g. font color, weight of tab label? Or perhaps locate a check box on the main from just above the tab that becomes checked if content is present.

    Thanks for any suggestions on how to do this.

    Bob Holmstr

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    Re: tab control content indicator? (2002)

    I don't know for Access 2002 but in Access 2000 there is no way of changing the look of the tab.
    You can use code in the on current event of the form to change a checkbox.
    If you want to check if there are records in the subform use the recordcount function of the recordset of the subform.
    If you want to know if a field is empty or not use IsNull function.

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