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    Windows cannot see keyboard

    I was using a generic KB and a MS Intellimouse Explorer on a fresh 2000 Pro install. SP4, all updates.
    Everything was working fine - no glitches or problems during the 5 days since I started - 50-60 hours of use.
    I updated the mouse driver using the original Intellimouse 3 CD. I rebooted.
    My recollection is the mouse didn't even light up using PS2 adapters but it did using USB - and the mouse worked.

    BUT the keyboard stopped working.
    It works until Windows takes over - then even NumLock/etc. lights lock.

    I tried another KB. I changed the mouse driver back. I tried a MS IntelliEverything KB & mouse and ran the MS 5.0 installation. The mouse works fine, the KB ceases toggling the indicator lights on the receiver as Windows boots. The "hardware test" shows good signal and good battery. The batteries test GOOD on my voltmeter.

    Thank you for reading and seeing if you have any ideas.

    It seems that this would not be related - The problem did not show up for numerous reboots after I fixed things. Everything was working like normal. But I don't want to leave out any info that might help.
    I did visit a nasty web site the day before. I cleaned up the mess. I deleted all the bogus files, programs, dlls, registry, etc. I disabled IPSEC Policy Agent Properties because I feared the program "lsass.exe" mist be "ISASS" instead of "LSASS" - even though I couldn't see the "wrong name" in /system32. (I "show hidden files" in explorer). I searched for all folders and files (especially in WINNT) by creation date.
    But maybe I missed something. As I type this (on another PC), I tried to check the log files in Ad-Aware so I could report the main bad files -
    "Explorer.exe - Application Error"
    "The exception Single Step"
    "A single step or trace operation has just been completed"
    (or maybe that's rudeness by Ad-Aware programmers)

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    Re: Windows cannot see keyboard

    Run System File Checker

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