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    Formatting numbers (97 SR-1)

    Excel formats my numbers European-style (comma instead of a decimal point, optional point as a separator between thousands and hundreds).

    My copy of Excel is from a US version of Office 97. Originally my OS was a German version of Win 95; subsequently I upgraded to a UK version of Win 98.

    Where (in Windows? Excel?) can I change the defaults for number formats to US style, either for individual worksheets or as a a default for all new Excel documents?

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    Re: Formatting numbers (97 SR-1)

    These formats are picked up from your regional settings in Windows. I believe the following is right, it's be sometime since I used Win 98

    1/ Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel
    2/ Double-click the Regional Settings icon
    3/ Change the options on the Number tab and click OK

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