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    Delete Root Directory (2000)

    Recently converted existing website using frames. When published, site on host server display old index page as part of home page. When web is viewed within Frontpage prior to publishing, it appears as desired. Host server support suggests deleting root directory and republishing desired data. Have not been able to figure out how to delete the server's root directory. Any suggestions??

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    Re: Delete Root Directory (2000)

    By any chance, did the file extension change from .HTML to .HTM? Importing a site into FrontPage 2000 (I think) tended to do this, creating duplicate pages side-by-side on the server. Very annoying.

    If you Open Web directly from your server, you should see "the truth" about what files are there. Great for deleting old garbage, but don't edit anything that you are maintaining locally, or you'll have a tough time synchronizing the changes.

    (Clarifying Edit: I mean, Open Web and give it the URL of the base folder of the site.)

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