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    Mailmerge to separate documents (XP)

    Dear loungers,

    Mailmerge is an aspect of Word thta I rarely use. Can I create the mailmerge document and specify to create separate documents when I run the merge i.e. one for each record?

    I thought I might be able to use merge to mail, but this is highly dangerous as it mails the item as well. In this case it has to go with a number of other documents and instructions so if I could merge to mail but as an Outlook draft I could retreive the document and copy to the correct mail?


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    Re: Mailmerge to separate documents (XP)

    Hi Liz:
    The article How to Merge a Single Data Source to Multiple Documents was written for Word 97. However, the method should work in later versions, although I couldn't find one listed for Word 2002. The articles here & here also describe the method.

    Alternatively, you can merge to a new document, using Form Letters as the main document (Step 1 of mail merge). Then you can use the macro described in How to Programmatically Save Each Page or Section of Document As Separate File to break up the merged document into separate files.
    Hope this helps,

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    Re: Mailmerge to separate documents (XP)

    Hi Liz,

    Another possibility is to do a mail merge to email, and send the document as an attachment. Unfortunately, it appears they took that option away in the XP Mail Merge Wizard, but if you activate the old Mail Merge Helper, it still offers that possibility. The other approach would be to use Automation, which let's you create individual Email messages on the fly and customzie them with regard to attachments and content. If you want more details on either, post back. Hope it goes well.

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