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    File size with pivot tables (excel 2000)

    I have a "Master" pivot table and transaction source listing covering a set of accounts, which are the page setting. As I select one from the list and get a separate table for it, I want to move that table behind a presentation summary page. I then link or copy Table numbers onto the presentation page for that account. My question: with the drill-down enabled, am I making a new copy of the "original" Year-to-date-all-accounts" pivot table each time I copy the Pivot table tab (I copy the Master Pivot table in the workbook and rename it.) thus increasing the size of my file? I hate to do that, but I want to keep the drill down capability somewhere in the file.

    Thanks. Just getting into Pivot tables and finding them much more efficient than any other approach. But I may be taking the 'long way around on this project.

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    Re: File size with pivot tables (excel 2000)

    Check out this KB article

    It discusses file size and pivots

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