Access 97 SR-1

Some advice would be appreciated to point me on the way.
I am attempting to code a custom menu, my first such attempt.
The top Level on menu bar is to be CUSTOM
I want the next item to be SEARCH

The code bombs with Error 438, Object doesnt support this property or method
Sub CustomMenu()
Dim cbr As CommandBar
Dim cbcCustom As CommandBarControl
Dim cbcSearch As CommandBarControl

Set cbr = CommandBars("menu Bar")
Set cbcCustom = cbr.Controls.Add(msoControlButton)
With cbcCustom
.Caption = "Custom"
.Tag = "Test Menu Item"
.Style = msoButtonCaption
End With
Set cbcSearch = cbcCustom.CommandBar.Add(msoControlButton)
With cbcSearch
.Caption = "Search"
.Tag = "search"
.Style = msoButtonCaption
End With
End Sub
The result of this code Leaves CUSTOM sitting very nicely on the Menu Bar even though it has bombed defining SEARCH.

Thanks in anticipation