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    MSGraph (Access 2002)

    It appears as if MSGraph will only read categories by row instead of by column. The query I'm working with returns only one record of data, with the categories and totals listed horizontally. How do I get MSGraph to read the data by row?

    Also, when I "open" a graph, the datasheet and chart contain dummy data. Is this the way it is suppose to be??

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    Re: MSGraph (Access 2002)

    1. The Chart Wizard is very limited, but you can modify the chart after it has been created. Double click the chart to start MS Chart. It has an Excel-like interface. One of the toolbars contains buttons to switch between rows as series and columns as series.

    2. Yes, initially the chart contains dummy data in design view. Double click the chart in form view to see the actual data.

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