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    Creating a form and locking the fields (Word 2002)

    I need to be able to create a form and lock the fields so that when the enter key is used the field next to it does not move down and when typing the fields do not move. I have done what help said do and this does not work. When I use the enter key the fields still move.

    Please Help!!!!!


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    Re: Creating a form and locking the fields (Word 2002)

    What does help say to do about the Enter key? Maybe it's just a simple fix to that?

    To go a slightly more difficult road... I believe one of the options discussed here before was to put a special key assignment in the form's template so that Enter behaved like Tab and moved the user to the next field. If you search here for threads that contain Enter and keybinding, you should be able to turn it up. (Here or the VB/VBA board.)

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    Re: Creating a form and locking the fields (Word 2002)

    I'm not sure exactly what you mean when you say that the fields move down. Do you mean that a line feed has been added? I have created lots of forms using tables and I frequently adjust the hight of the row so that the user can not add so much info that it changes the height of the row and changes the page break from where I want it to be. The default value is for the cell to be able to grow as long as more info is added to the cell. Select the row in the unprotected form and right click on table properties and select the height and then select if you want that height to at least that height or exactly that height.

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