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    VBA to get Tools, Options values? (2003)

    How, in VBA, to access the Tools, Options, General, Service Options? These include "Customer Feedback Options", "Online Content" and "Shared Workspace" values? I need to set these values for an in-house application. Sure, we can do by hand, but we need a way in code to be able to do it.
    I already know how to access, via VBA, the other Tools, Options settings (except for the Security setting). Therefore, if someone has a question on how, in VBA, to access any value, please ask.

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    Re: VBA to get Tools, Options values? (2003)

    <P ID="edit" class=small>(Edited by jscher2000 on 26-Jan-04 17:15. Further thoughts...)</P>In previous versions of Word -- I don't use 2003 -- there was an Options object that gave you read/write or at least read access to most of what was in the dialog. It usually did not include what was in "sub-dialogs" (behind buttons). If you use the Intellisense prompts in the VBE, can you find those services on the list?

    Added: I see from re-reading your post that you've probably already explored the Options object. I suspect that the parallel "behind the button" options in Office XP would be DefaultWebOptions or EmailOptions. Where there's anything similar in Word 2003 for those Service options, I really couldn't say... Maybe check the Office object model as well as the Word object model.

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