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    Notification of reply to ANY in thread

    I've used "search" on "notification" and can't see this mentioned, so here goes:

    I *love* the email notification of a response to a posting of mine ("I'm LOVED!") and the ability to use my copy of Eudora to make sure that I've visited every response that people have been kind enough to post.

    Now that I have your attention, I'd like to sugggest a slightly broader implementation of the flag, to include ANY reply to a posting in that thread, i.e. any ACTIVITY in the thread.

    An example: In VB/VBA I'm mighty interested in the pixels vs. points thread which started with my post. I get notified when someone contributes a response to my posting, but do not get notified when someone responds to that response.

    In a way, when I start a new thread, I'm sponsoring a discussion. Sponsoring is a lower life-form than mentoring, to be sure (grin!) but it does suggest an interest above the usual perusal level. The poster who initiates a thread probably has the most interest in that thread.

    How about the rest of you? Have you ever delighted in a notification via email and discoevered hours later that there was an equally good posting that you didn't hear about by email?

    If you agree tpo the idea of "sponsorship", then there would seem to be a level of responsibility of the sponsor of a thread to make sure that they have studied ALL responses in that thread.

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    Re: Notification of reply to ANY in thread

    Yes, I do agree. I'll see what I can do.
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