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    Folders skipped during search

    Windows 2000 will skip certain folders during a search, unless you start the search from inside them. An example would be the Content.IE5 folder where all your cached Internet Explorer files are; a search started above this folder will skip it, while a search started at Content.IE5 will search it and its subdirectories.

    Does anyone know what causes this behavior? I'd like to know how to disable it in the folders for which it's the default and I'd also like to be able to apply it to folders I create that I don't want the system to check during a search from the root of the hard drive.

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    Re: Folders skipped during search

    Check your Windows Explorer > Tools > Folder Options > View options.
    Have you selected to hide hidden/system files?
    If that is the cause, I don't believe there is any other means to be selective.

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