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    Powerpoint 2000 customising

    Is there anyway to disable shortcut keys in Powerpoint 2000 and then assign them to another command. For instance we need to stop Ctrl-S from saving the document, and be replaced with our own save dialog. Word 2000 makes this easy, Excel allows it but I cannot find anything in PP2000 that does it.

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    Re: Powerpoint 2000 customising

    Powerpoint is a little more difficult to work with Event handlers than Word or Excel. This Knowledge Base Article (<A target="_blank" HREF=>Q234184</A>) talks about handling Application level events. I can't remember if it accepts KeyPress or KeyDown events...

    I recently built a VBA Application in Powerpoint and found that it's quite a bit more awkward to program than Word, Excel, or (of course) Access.

    Good luck!
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