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    Incoming e-mail (Outlook Express 6)

    Is there anything I can do to stop receipt of a large incoming e-mail? Right now, I cannot receive any others because this one is taking forever to download. It will be about 1/5 downloaded, the program will disconnect, and I have to start the download over from the beginning! I would like to set up OE so that these huge e-mails are blocked. Thank you!

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    Re: Incoming e-mail (Outlook Express 6)

    Contact your ISP and have them delete it.

    If you cab access the email server from the internet, you can open it from there and/or delete it.

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    Re: Incoming e-mail (Outlook Express 6)

    To expand on Dave's message, you might have several options. From easy & free to more difficult and/or not free:

    1. <LI>Use your ISP's webmail interface to view your message and delete the big one;

      <LI>Download a POP3 mailbox checking program that lets you view what's on the server and, if necessary, delete it (I can't recommend any personally, but you could try Magic Mail Monitor);

      <LI>If your ISP permits, use an IMAP connection to your POP server (you would set this up as a separate account in Outlook Express); or

      <LI>Use a public webmail interface, such as the subscription site MollyMail
    Maybe I've missed one...but you get the idea.

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    Re: Incoming e-mail (Outlook Express 6)

    You can create a message rule to do this as follows:
    In OE, click>tools>message rules>mail rules
    In the mail rules setup,
    check where message size is more than size.
    check select actions for rules. Here you can choose to delete, mark as read and more choices.
    check rules description and fill in
    where message size is more than xxxxx size. ( opt for a message size here and type it in )
    Name message rule.. you can leave it at default ie: message rule number 1
    Ok out and you should be set up.
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