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    Remote Procedure Call (XP Pro)

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    OK here is the situation. My friend is getting this weird error that "Remote Procedure Call (RPC)", initiated by NT AuthoritySystem" error that will cause Windows XP Pro to shut down without any recourse to stop the shut down process.

    According to This web site, this is an effect of the Lovesan or Blaster viri.

    OK I scanned for viruses using Norton Antivirus with Def files as fresh as Jan. 26th 2004, and it did not detect anything.

    The web site above has a Symantec utility to remove these nasty stuff, and I also downloaded stuff from the Symantec stuff, and did not detect anything.

    I have patched up Windows, but I wonder what is the cause if the virus was not there? Its a fairly new clean install, I did a fresh clean install, that is FDisk, Partition, Format, install, back in Mid December 2003, and now we have this problem. Norton SystemWorks was installed right after Windows, and updated several times since installed.

    So any ideas?

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    Re: Remote Procedure Call (XP Pro)

    When a remote system sends a specially crafted attack packet to the RPC port, it causes that error. The system is not infected, but apparently it's running with the port open and the RPC flaw unpatched. Remediation is described in past posts; try searching back to last Fall for Blaster advice.

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