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    Collecting Mail from Exchange and ISP on Laptop (Win 2K /Office 2K)

    Hi All.

    I'm sure i should know the answer to this, but i have an employee with a laptop. Already set up to connect Outlook to Exchange Server when he is in the office.

    Now he wants to be able to dial up to collect his personal mail from his ISP. He is already using the webmail facility to view and reply, but is it possible for Outlook to do this. He won't of course be able to connect to the Exchange Server whilst he is away....

    The only way i can see it might work is to log on to the laptop as a different user and set up Outlook differently....



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    Re: Collecting Mail from Exchange and ISP on Laptop (Win 2K /Office 2K)

    Outlook 2000 has the ability to create separate profiles, so he wouldn't have to log off, just restart Outlook choosing a different profile. Perhaps the easiest way to get started is to go to the Mail control panel, list profiles, and add a new one. The account will be different of course, but the PST can be the same if desired. The Rules Wizard files (profilename.rwz) and certain other settings would need to be replicated to give the user the same experience, but perhaps he doesn't need that anyway.

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