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Thread: Missing colors?

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    Missing colors?

    The following symptom exists on several machines I support but not on others (mostly Dell boxes with WinNT4 with O97).

    When I try to adjust the background color for cell comments, colors appear with the Microsoft logo "embossed" on them (in the Format Comment dialog, where the chosen color is displayed). I'm guessing there is some color resource missing in the installation and Excel is displaying a default.

    On the machines where this happens, the effect is that cell comments display a black box when rolled over. This defeats the purpose of the comments, obviously.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: Missing colors?

    Check the fill formatting of the comment box and make sure that it is not set as a picture format. Have you tried selecting a comment box and from the Draw toolbar, selecting Change AutoShape to one of the basic shapes ?

    Failing that, try moving any default templates from the XLStart directory and see if the problem persists.

    If none of the above helps, could you post a sheet with one of the offending comment boxes ?

    Andrew C

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