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    Publishing MS Access 2000 to MS Word (Access 2000)


    Im hoping this forum has the solution to most a likely a simple problem.

    When "Publishing Access 2000 Labels to MS Word" there is a problem when when printing. Though the page set up is the same for the Access labels (Avery) and also the labels in Word (I checked) when printing the labels in the converted Word format the rows shift so that the labels do not fit. What is interesting is that if I print the labels directly from Access there is no problem or if I should print brand news labels directly for MS Word template there is not a problem.

    Any clues to why this is happening would be appreciated.


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    Re: Publishing MS Access 2000 to MS Word (Access 2000)

    Yes - unfortunately, when you publish an Access report to Word, it is converted to Rich Text Format, which doesn't support tables (that's how labels are done in Word). So it attempts to line things up as best it can using tabs and other arcane tricks. You will also loose any graphics, and even lines drawn around text. If you want nice labels printed, you are stuck with either using an Access report, or running a Word mail merge with your Access database as the data source, OR doing some clever things with Automation, which is lots of work.

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