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    Picture vs. Object

    Does anyone have a reasonable explanation of the difference between a picture and an object in Word 97? Thanks.


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    Re: Picture vs. Object


    There are probably quite a few. At the very highest level, the difference is what Word will allow you to do with the "thing". Here's a few that I recall:
    1. An object usually (always?) has an association back to the appl that created it. So you can create or insert an object created in Visio, Photoshop, etc. When you double click on it, you are back in the program that created the object bcs Word (or whatever program you are working in) remembers this and you can now change it in that appl, go back into Word, and you now have the updated version.

    A picture no longer has the association with the "creating" appl. However, you can still edit it in Word's picture editor but you're working at the pixel level. See next point.

    2. If you are working in a program to create a "thing" (don't want to call it an object and you'll see why in a moment), you can select the "thing" and copy it to the clipboard. You can go into Word and paste. More interesting would be if you select paste special. In this latter case, Word will give you a choice of how to paste the "thing" from the clipboard. (The plain paste, I think, results in the highlighted choice from the paste special menu being used.) Select each item and read the explanation below the list of choices. Usually "picture" will be one of the choices and "appl object" will be another (where appl refers to the appl that created what's in the clipboard). Different selections will result in different capabilities, some of which were noted in #1 above.

    You can try this just by typing some text in Word, selecting it, copying it to the clipboard, and then clicking Edit | Paste Special. Look at the choices.

    3. Once you've brought a "thing" into Word, try right clicking on it. One of the choices on the menu will be either Format Picture or Format Object, depending on how Word views the "thing". If you select the Format... item, you'll see some differences and some similarities in the corresponding dialog box.

    That's about all for now that I can think of. I'll bet others can come up with quite a few more.


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