I just finished slipstreaming my WIndows XP CD to include SP1 and the Hotfix Rollup KB826939.
What this great feature does ( for those who don't know of slipstreaming ) is creates a new Bootable copy of your original XP CD and integrates the SP1 Service Pack AND the last Rollup available of all the latest hotfixes into one CD.
Now you have an updated XP CD to use, for example, to clean install XP along with SP1 and most of the hotfixes, all in one shot. No need to install all of those patches over again. Has all the features of the original XP CD, PLUS!!

There is an EXCELLENT step-by-step tutorial, along with links to pick up any needed files to do the job. I printed out the pages from the tutorial and did it all in no time at all. An added thing is that it leaves a copy of the XP CD on your HD ( if you want it there ) so you can go to it if you need to pick up another driver or anything else instead of having to load the CD in the reader.

Check out the instructions at: Infinisource Rose City Software