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    File attributes & access (Hone Edition 5.1)

    I recently installed XP Home Edition V5.1. I have setup 4 users on the system, one as an administrator
    the other 3 as limited accounts.

    I then installed a LabTec webcam (from the admin account) and gave all users access. The cam works fine
    except when I want to take a still Pic. The still picture is saved in the each users directory
    My DocumentMy PicturesLabtecAlbumPictures. When logged onas the admin this works fine, however the limited
    accounts get the message " Drive C: is not accessable or not ready". Any other application (word, notepad, paint)
    can write & save to the dir. I have reported this to Labtes but they tell me it is a XP issue.

    I have tried the following

    1) Changed the limited account to admin. The Picture is saved fine.
    2) Checked the file and directory settings are R/W
    3) deleted the directory & recreated
    4) Coppied the directory sttructure from the admin account
    5) reinstalled the app

    Nothing apears to work.

    Help, before I go mad.

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    Re: File attributes & access (Hone Edition 5.1)

    <hr>...The still picture is saved in the each users directory... <hr>
    Does this mean that the still shot you created while logged on as Admin, was saved FOUR times, once in each user's directory? If the file is saved only once and is in the Admin user directory, I can see why the other users can't get there - XP won't allow that. Perhaps you could try changing the settings for where the camera will save files - have it save to a common directory outside the bounds of My Documents or Documents and Settings? Create a directory at the C: (root) level called Camera or some such.

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