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    Tools Menu

    Using Word 2000, some months back I did some mail/merge operations. Ever since then, I have no less than 6 copies of Mail Merge... on the Tools menu. How can I get rid of 5 of them? Are they in the I've tried the customize tool bar, but can't find them to delete.

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    Re: Tools Menu

    One quick way to see if they are in is to rename and restart Word. Word will create a plain vanilla menu system, and then merge in the global templates. If they're still there, suspect your global templates; if not, suspect

    Anyway, once you have the Customize... dialog on the screen, check the Save in box for which template you are modifying. Then click the Tools menu (as many time as necessary to drop it down), and right-click any entries you want to delete.

    Hope this helps.

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