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    Asterisk-More Detials (2000)

    Hans, Thanks for your response. Here's more details:
    Form 1 is an unbound form with a listbox set to multiselect (StudentID are the bound values). This form also has several combos/textbox (eg. type of absence, excused/unexcused, date ect.). To speed things up for the teacher, he fills in textboxs and combos (eg. sick, excused 1-31-04) then selects all the students (Jack, Cindy, Tom) these apply. A cmd button runs the following code:
    1)Count the # items selected (in the listbox) to provide a loop# (Q)
    2)Loop thru Q times, getting:
    Selected item position
    Selected item data (studentID)
    3)Open the attendence form (A) to a new record
    4)Paste studentID and combo/text values onto this form
    5)Close attendence form and start loop for the next record

    So, for each item selected, a form is opened, several values pasted in, and the form closed. As first stated, the code works perfectly the first time its executed. When stepping thru subsequent times, everything 'seems' work perfectly, but the records are not put in the table. Thats when I placed a msgbox in the events before update and close, to view the form at those points.
    At before update, everythings fine: values are pasted (I should say assigned by code) and a pencil is in the record selector. On close, the values are gone and an asterisk is in the record selector (and no record is created). Also, at this point, I receive NO errors from access.
    I can post my code if that will help.
    Thanks! Ralph

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    Re: Asterisk-More Detials (2000)

    Let's keep this in a single thread. Please post any replies to the thread beginning with <post#=338338>post 338338</post#>.

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