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    Linking data (2000)

    Dear Gurus,

    I have a vessel master schedule in excel spreadsheet. Incase a vessel is behind schedule the master schedule can be tweaked to ensure schedule recovery and vessel informed accordingly of the result which is to be adhered by the vessel. Therefore the result sheet is linked to the master schedule sheet. Now, if there is one vessel this works well but i would like to link six sheets (one for each of the six vessels). One way would be to make six copies of the master schedule to which the six result sheets are attached. However, my idea is to have one master schedule sheet which will have a dropdown box from where one of the six vessels is chosen. Once the vessel "A" is chosen the last worked data of the vessel "A" should show up. Thereafter as the data in the master schedule is tweaked the result sheet for the vessel "A" will update as it is linked to the master schedule. Thereafter, the data for vessel "A" is saved. Then vessel "B" is selected which should then show the last worked data of the vessel "B". Any tweaking of the master schedule for vessel be will update the results sheet of vessel "B" and so on with other vessels.
    can any one help me in resolving the above problem.

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    Re: Linking data (2000)

    Advising you on this is very difficult without an idea of the nature of your data:

    Does each Vessel have data that would fit on a single row?

    If so, it may be better to have the data on our master sheet layed out in that manner, so you can use VLOOKUP and MATCH functions on the other sheets to extract each vessel's individual data.
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    Re: Linking data (2000)

    Dear Novice:

    Since you already know how to link data you should consider yourself a proficient user of Excel that is smart enough to come to the lounge to get answers.

    The information that you provided is rather general, but I will give you a solution I have used on several occassions.

    What I have done in the past is to find a nice secluded place on the Master Schedule Sheet and set up what I will call a data table. Here you will put all the needed data in the rows and the vessels in the columns. Of course you will use links to pull the data from each of the vessel sheets to this secluded area. MAKE SURE THE ROWS ARE IN ASCENDING SORT ORDER.

    This will do two great things. First it will provide a place where you can monitor that the data is flowing correctly from each sheet. Plus you have now created a database in your master sheet which Excel just loves to slice and dice data.

    Now comes the easy part. In the area of the Master Schedule that you want to print use the Vlookup function in Excel
    to run down to grab the data based on what Vessel you want.

    This may seem complex so I have attached an excel example that should allow you to better understand how this technique works.

    Hope this will help you.



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