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    Sound Recorder Questions

    I am using the Sound Recorder to record myself reading stories for my grandson who is in the hospital. I then use the WAV files to create an audio CD. I have two questions regarding the Sound Recorder.

    First, it defaults to Radio Quality. I know how to change to CD quality but each time I start a new recording, it switches back to Radio Quality. Is there a way to make CD Quality the default?

    Second, one minute is the default maximum length of recording time that you get. However, if you stop it in the middle and restart it, it gives you more time. Is there anyway to force it to give you say three minutes each time?

    Ronny Richardson

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    Re: Sound Recorder Questions

    So far as I know, you cannot change the recording length. You found a workaround, but Sound Recorder is a very basic utility with a lot of limitations. You would do well to see out alternative options; there are many freeware audio editors around. Audacity is a good example. Your sound card may also have a sound recording utility that does what you need.

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