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    custom menu item still appears (Word 2000)

    We are placing our own menu item on the main menu bar of a word document and using the tempory flag set to true, we place the menu there using a COM addin. When we send a saved copy of the document to another PC that does not have the dll that places the menu item the menu item still appears but has no function. Why isn't the tempory flag removing the menu item? Do we need to create code that is called right before a document is saved that first removes the menu item and then save the doc?

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    Re: custom menu item still appears (Word 2000)

    Well, it certainly is possible that the Temporary parameter doesn't work properly. Can you rule out the possibility that the menu item got saved (not temporarily) to a template that is accessible from both PCs? This could make it appear on the menu bar even if it is not actually in the document.

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