Ironically, I was trying to clean my hard drive.

My original drive, is designated my C: drive and is 1gb. It contains only my system files, no applications or data, and my swap file. It still has a tendency to get clogged. I was deleting stuff I thought was unnecessary. Along the way, I found a download of the MS Personal Web Server I had never installed. When I installed it, it went ahead and reinstalled Winsock 2, overwriting some newer dlls in the process. I was able to restore msvcrt.dll as the older version it had installed was keeping some programs from loading. The programs seem to work again.

However since then, Netscape has been behaving badly. It continues to grow the swap file until there is no space left on the drive. Even after I exit it, the space is not recalaimed unless I reboot. (surprisingly, I have been able to reclaim some of the space by running a few other programs sometimes). No other programs seem to do this I can run Word, Acrobat, Opera and a bunch of other memory resident junk without this problem.

Any ideas of a known Netscape memory problem with a dll? Oh, by the way, I am using Netscape 4.61 with Windows 95a.