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    Sign-In Window Pop up Nuisance (WindowsXP Pro v2002 SP1, IE6 v6.0.2800.110

    Several weeks ago I started to encounter a pop-up window that has since become a nuisance.

    When I start IE6, the window will pop-up usually telling me that it is "Connecting to" The window contains normal items found in the standard sign-in window: "User name:, Password:, and a check-bos to Remember my password."

    Since I have no desire to connect with, I click the X or the "Cancel" button; the box closes and returns. At times, I've had to cancel or use AltF4 35 or 40 times before the box finally stops asking to connect. Sometimes it takes only 2-or3 attempts to cancel it. As I navigate the web, it will appear at some URLs; at others, it will not appear. Sometimes the "connect to" URL will change. Haven't been able to determine a pattern though.

    As long as the sign-in box is present, nothing loads from the web site. As soon as I successfully AltF4 or X it away, things work just fine.

    I've un-installed and re-installed IE6 and all updates (but hesitate to do the same with WinXP Pro) and the pop-up is still there. I've done registry searches, looking for spyware stuff, but find nothing that I recognize as being associated with the window. I'm literally at wits end.

    I use an OutPost firewall from Agnitum. I have the latest versions and updates for SpyBlocker, Ad-aware, SpywareGuard, Spybot-Search & Destroy, SpywareBlocker and PopUp Defender installed. This thing is like the Energizer Bunny ... just keeps popping-up. I can block everything imagineable execpt this persistent sign-in pop-up window. HELP!!!

    My sincere thanks in advance for any assistance provided.

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    Re: Sign-In Window Pop up Nuisance (WindowsXP Pro

    Have a look at HijackThis - and the accompanying follow up steps - as recommended in this <!post=Star Post,296439>Star Post<!/post>. HTH

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