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    Customise printed Memo Style (Outlook 2000)

    I can customise the view of the Advanced Find window by using the field chooser to add columns. But this doesn't affect the printed memo format. How do I customise the printed memo format? (I want to add the duration field.) Note that the 'Define Styles' of the print dialog box only really affects fonts, margins, header and footer. It doesn't allow me to add columns.
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    Re: Customise printed Memo Style (Outlook 2000)

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    The users' ability to customize the existing Print Styes is very limited in native Outlook. You can either have someone write some serious VBA code to (automagically in the background) transfer your data to a Word or Excel document and print it from there, or you may find some of the Printing Tools listed in Slipstick do what you need (scroll down the page).
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