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    Word Viewer for 2002 (2002 sp-2)

    Does Microsoft no longer make a viewer for Word? If not, what are my options for making a form to email to people to fill in electronically for printing (I do no need to capture the data electronically)?

    I do not want to mail anything that is an .exe file since many email screening programs see .exe's as dangerous. I know there are forms designer packages that allow one to make an .exe file to email.

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Re: Word Viewer for 2002 (2002 sp-2)

    You would be pretty unlucky to find a computer not running something that reads Word files nowdays but you could possibly expand the Word reading audience by saving the file in RTF format which is going to be read successfully by even more machines safely.

    Your other option is to save the file into an Adobe Acrobat form and let people fill it out that way. This presupposes they have loaded Adobe Acrobat which I would consider about as ubiquitous as MS Word.
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    Re: Word Viewer for 2002 (2002 sp-2)

    You might consider using an HTML form. The precise layout of HTML is basically impossible, but Word's converter will attempt to get as close as possible to your document by packing it with a massive volume of special tags. If you already have the form in Word, why not give it a try?

    P.S. Turn off Smart Tags for the document, if you don't already have them off; they generate an ActiveX warning for users who are paying attention to such things, and this could be off-putting.

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