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    DB Read Only (3027) midway through VB sub (A97 sr2)

    Can anybody say why the following code generates error 3027 (read only access to database)? The table is actually linked to a DBIII file on our server, but the preceeding code uses myDB.Execute strSQL (update queries) repeatedly without any problems, so I know I can write to the database. I then need to loop through and increment an address field, so I start using a recordset. The error arises at the rst.Edit instruction

    I dumped the SQL shown below into a brand new query and I didn't get a message indicating the recordset can't be updated. As per usual, I have hi-jacked the code from another sub which I know does work, although in that case the query is a very simple "SELECT * FROM tbl ORDER BY a couple of fields;"

    Things that might cause problems
    The inner join.. if so, why?
    The alias (surely not)

    The code that doesn't work:
    <pre>strSQL = "SELECT dbf_variable.ADDR AS Address "
    strSQL = strSQL & "FROM dbf_variable INNER JOIN tblFixVariableSiteList "
    strSQL = strSQL & "ON LEFT(dbf_variable.NAME, InSTR(dbf_variable.NAME, ""_"")-1) "
    strSQL = strSQL & "= tblFixVariableSiteList.SiteName "
    strSQL = strSQL & "WHERE (dbf_variable.NAME Like ""*_FL?_TW"" "
    strSQL = strSQL & "OR dbf_variable.NAME Like ""*_FL?_TM"") "
    strSQL = strSQL & "ORDER BY VAL(MID(dbf_variable.ADDR,3,5));"
    Set rst = myDB.OpenRecordset(strSQL)
    If (rst.EOF) Then
    MsgBox "No Address Tags to Update.", , "Oh Well"
    i = 0
    While Not rst.EOF
    i = i + 1
    rst![Address] = "AI" & Format(AddressNumber + i) & ".Val"
    End If

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    Re: DB Read Only (3027) midway through VB sub (A97 sr2)

    Assuming that the missing declarations dimmed MyDB as a DAO.Database and rst as a DAO.Recordset, your problem is that you haven't opened a dynaset. By not specifying the type option in the OpenRecordset statement, you wound up with a non-updatable recordset. Try specifying dbOpenDynaset.

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