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    New Document Management (Word 2003) (Word 2003)

    I'm one who enjoy's change ... but after installing Word 2003 and opening a new document I was dismayed to see Word display a horizontal split screen. To me it's like having the help wizard always on display and dancing around the screen. At least I know how to get rid of him ! Can anyone help me to disable/hide the new Word wizard (e.g.: right side panel) ?

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    Re: New Document Management (Word 2003) (Word 2003)

    Do you mean the panel that is labelled "Getting Started" that shows up when you start Word? If so this is the Startup task pane and is easy to stop it being displayed at startup.

    Select Tools>Options...
    On the View tab deselect "Startup Task Pane" in the Show section & click OK. The next time Word starts the panel will not display (though it will re-appear when you select certain commands like File>New)

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