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    Chart toolbar part of Standard toolbar (2000 SP-3)

    When ever I work with Charts in PowerPoint, the Chart toolbar is part of the Standard toolbar for some reason. I don't even see Chart Toolbar under the View | Toolbars list. Is it supposed to be this way, or is there some setting that I need to turn off to make the toolbar separate. I have never customized the Chart items to be part of the Standard toolbar.

    Thanks - Sat.

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    Re: Chart toolbar part of Standard toolbar (2000 SP-3)

    This behavior is "normal". When you edit a chart in PowerPoint, you actually start another application (MSChart) within PowerPoint; this application takes over part of the menu bar (note that you now have a Data and Chart menu, and that the menu items of other menus such as View and Insert are different) and toolbars. As soon as you quit editing the chart by clicking outside it, PowerPoint will take over again.

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