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    installing win xp Pro (Windows xp)

    I currently have Windows XP Home, I want to install Windows XP Pro. My Computer did not come with an installation CD.. What is the procedure for installing Windows XP Pro. Will It just go over Windows XP Home?? <img src=/S/confused.gif border=0 alt=confused width=15 height=20>

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    Re: installing win xp Pro (Windows xp)

    Tell us more, make, model and etc.
    If your machine is from of the major brands you may want to get a copy from them. As you will need to get ALL of the drivers for the included hardware, as the MS retail version has just the "Generic" versions which may and may not work with your hardware.

    What feature are you requiring that you do not have in the Home version?

    Now running HP Pavilion a6528p, with Win7 64 Bit OS.

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