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    Save option value as defaul value (Access 2000)

    Option value into default value

    I have an option box with 12 options. I want by clicking on one of the options to make the option value of this clicked button the default value
    of the whole option group.
    For example on clicking the second button, with an option value 2, to make the default value = 2 for the whole option group.Also, i want to save this action.

    Is it possible to do it ?

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    Re: Save option value as defaul value (Access 2000)

    This only makes sense if your option box is bound to a field in the record source of the form. You can do it in the After Update event of the option box. The code looks like this:

    Private Sub grpOptions_AfterUpdate()
    Me.grpOptions.DefaultValue = Me.grpOptions.Value
    End Sub

    Replace grpOptions by the name of your option box.

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