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    Problems with 'Publish Web' (FrontPage XP)

    Here goes...

    I cannot upload from 'Publish Web' on FrontPage XP to the web space provided (with extensions) by my host. It accepts the username, but NOT the password (which I can assure you is correct and has been carefully entered each time). It does upload via FTP (using Cute FTP) but without FrontPage extensions (which I do require). I have tried re-installing FrontPage on my machine, and installing fresh to another machine, and tried to upload the site from there, but again, the password is not accepted. I cannot understand the problem, nor can the experienced tech guy who came in to have a look. My other site hosted with the same company uploads ABSOLUTELY fine. I can quickly and easily upload via FrontPage, and the extensions work. I have tried asking the host, and they say they have tried everything there end, including re-setting the FrontPage extensions and doing their own tests. The site and domain name were transferred from another host, but as far as I know, that went all okay (i.e. IPS tag and name server information was sent, and the necessary changes made- this was a week ago).

    Any ideas/suggestions? It is driving me crazy!

    Thank you.

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    Re: Problems with 'Publish Web' (FrontPage XP)

    I once played with the security settings on our "authoritative" FrontPage machine and blocked myself from being able to publish. What do you have under IE's Custom level settings for the zone in which your web host is classified (i.e., either the Trusted zone or the Internet zone, if not otherwise classified)?

    Oh, the path to these settings is:
    Tools > Internet Options... > Security tab > {click appropriate zone} > Custom Level... button, scroll way down to Authentication settings

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    Re: Problems with 'Publish Web' (FrontPage XP)

    I had a similar problem a while back. My hosting service (AM Hosting) warns that you should not use FTP to transfer files to a FrontPage website because it damages the FrontPage Extensions on their side. "Resetting FrontPage Extensions", as I recall is just a wizard-driven repair process under administrative tools, and it didn't work. The hosting service eventually got around to removing the extensions and doing a fresh install. That fixed it.

    YMMV, but the symptoms sound the same.

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