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    Question about virus (Outlook 2002)

    Hello everyone:

    Thursday, I received an email from someone who was infected by the doom virus, I am running the Norton 2002 AV, something did pop up, however, I put the item in the quarantine, then deleted it.

    It a nutshell it would appear to have been stopped by the NAV, I did run a full scan, and no virus was found.
    I pressed control+Alt+delete. Is there anything that I should be looking for in the processes section that would allow me to find something.



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    Re: Question about virus (Outlook 2002)

    To become infected by this virus, you need to open the message attachment. If you never opened the message at all, or if you never opened the attachment, you're fine. If you tried to open the attachment and this triggered the Norton error, you probably never got it all the way open, and you're fine. As a double-check, you can try the Housecall online scanner. We have a link at the top of the list of posts on each forum.

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