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    Executing Form Code From Another Form (1)

    How do you have VBA code for one form execute a subroutine in another form. Example:

    Code in Form A opens Form B.
    A value is entered or selected in form B.
    Code in Form B puts the selected or entered value into a control in Form A.
    How do I now have code in Form B to excute the Afterupdate subroutine for the updated control in Form A?

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    Re: Executing Form Code From Another Form (1)

    Event procedures are created as Private subs by default. If you want to call an event procedure from another form, you must make it Public:<pre>Public Sub ControlName_AfterUpdate()
    End Sub</pre>

    You can then call it as follows from another form:<pre>Forms!FormA.ControlName_AfterUpdate</pre>


    Of course, you must replace FormA and ControlName by the appropriate names.

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