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    SpellCheck (Word 2000 SP3)

    I have a user who is performing a spellcheck on her document and the words it is catching are already in her custom dictionary in the same case (initial caps).

    She is not able to add any new words.

    I checked "Exceptions" under AutoCorrect, and nothing is there should be causing this problem.

    Anyone have any good ideas why this is occurring and how to correct it?

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    Re: SpellCheck (Word 2000 SP3)

    Hi Jan:
    First, does the user have an Exclusion dictionary. If the words are in an exclusion dictionary, Word deliberately marks them as incorrect. She can search her hard drive for *.exc.

    Secondly, she should go to Tools/Options/Spelling tab, click the Dictionaries... button, & make sure that her custom dictionary is active (i.e. checked).

    Thirdly, you should double check that it's not the grammer checker, rather than the spell checker, that's picking up the words. I never liked the option to check grammer with spelling, but that's my preference.

    Next, as far as not being able to add words to her custom dictionary, see [;214179]this article[/url]. Essentially, this can happen if the custom dictionary has reached the 64kb limit. To work around this, you can either remove words so that the filesize decreases or you can create another custom dictionary & add words to it.
    Hope this helps,

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